Centinel is a variant form of Sentinel, a guard or sentry and an apt name for a company involved in both computer security and physical security and investigations, combining Cyber and Sentinel as one powerful word CENTINEL.

CENTINEL was first formed in 2009 and was primarily engaged in providing Computer Forensics, eDiscovery and IT security support services to the Finance and Banking Industry, Corporate Bodies, Government, Regulatory Bodies, Law firms, Accountant firms and individuals. CENTINEL is based in Hong Kong and China and is active throughout China and the pacific rim.

CENTINEL has now grown to provide a whole host of services and these include: Physical Investigations, Surveillance, Intelligence gathering, Due Diligence checks, and Physical Security Solutions. The latter involves providing trained bodyguards for persons visiting risky locations.

CENTINEL therefore sees itself as an important ally, ready to protect organizations and individuals from malpractices and fraud. CENTINEL is a company founded by professionals with a proven track record of high integrity and confidentiality and CENTINEL provides an assured confidential service for all its clients.  

CENTINEL is a solution provider. Just ask us.

Intelligence support services

Centinel’s Intelligence and Language capabilities will assist your organization in planning and conducting in the International Theatre at both Strategic and Tactical Levels. CENTINEL can place the skill of fully supported Field Agents at your disposal, providing your organization with a clear picture of its operating environment.

We have developed excellent lines of communications with an number of Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the World, particularly, in Asia and can not only investigate cases but can bring them to a successful conclusion.  CENTINEL is prepared to take on any legally founded allegation ranging from small personal cases to large corporate cases involving fraud and intellectual property rights.