Our People

Mr. JEFFREY HERBERT P.M.S.M: Chief Executive Director of CENTINEL

Jeff Herbert has 34 years of police service with the Hong Kong Police and Gwent Constabulary.  He retired from the Hong Kong Police Force as a Senior Superintendent in 2008.
Most of his service was spent in the fields of Criminal Intelligence, Criminal Investigation and Internal Investigations but he also gained experience in Police Operations and Service Quality Management. Jeff gained numerous awards and commendations throughout his police service and left his mark on a number of important systems.

In 1984 Jeff was called upon to revitalize the Kowloon Regional Intelligence Unit, he did this by redesigning the unit structure and building a cohesive unit. The Unit went on to neutralize large numbers of criminal syndicates active in a large range of crimes. Jeff then moved first to head a Divisional Crime formation before being promoted to Superintendent in 1989.

Jeff was then called upon to head the Internal Investigations Office and was responsible for investigations into serious allegations of misconduct. He was then moved to establish a unified Crime Wing Computer Intelligence Data Base. During the next 8 years he was responsible for building and managing the Force Criminal Intelligence Computer System, which saw every intelligence officer down to Divisional level networked on one major information and operations system. During this period he headed a number of Force Computer groups and was Chairman of the Crime Wing Computer Users Group. On a number of occasions as Deputy to the Head of the Criminal Intelligence Bureau he took charge of the whole Bureau and was responsible for the entire Force Intelligence System.

In 1999, Jeff went back to operational policing commanding a 400 man Divisional Station in 2000 before heading a Regional Operations Unit in 2002. Jeff received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Secretary for the Civil Service for his operational work to combat the SARS outbreak. In 2005 Jeff moved to Service Quality Wing where he carried out Force Inspections and Thematic Studies. Jeff was the first officer in the Force to gain a Diploma from the European Foundation of Quality Management as an Excellence Assessor.

Jeff has numerous Policing related qualifications and was awarded the Police Meritorious Service Medal by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong.


Mr. WONG Chun-chin is the current Chairman Designate of CENTINEL Ltd and will shortly take up the post from Dr. Hilton CHAN.

Mr WONG, is an ex-police officer who joined the Hong Kong Police Force in September 1976 and retired as a Senior Superintendent in 2013.

Mr WONG has had extensive experience in the fields of criminal investigation and criminal intelligence, with specialty in intelligence operations; including illegal immigration and sea smuggling.  He had served in different level intelligence units and commanded special intelligence operation units in Criminal Intelligence Bureau and Technical Services Division for more than seven years.  He also commanded the Marine Regional Crime Units between 2005 and 2008 when he neutralized a number of major smuggling syndicates in conjunction with Customs and Excise Departments in the Pearl Delta Region.

Mr. WONG is well versed in covert operations including Agent and Informer handling and all forms of Surveillance.

Mr. WONG has worked for extensive periods with Mr. Jeff Herbert.